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11 August 2022

OP4 -Subantarctic

4th Rotation Of The Year Of The Marion Dufresne For The Subantarctic Islands, Crozet, Kerguelen And Amsterdam.

The summer campaign includes a second OP, OP4, which also allows the transport of personnel and equipment. This rotation ensures the return to France of outgoing wintering scientists and the arrival of summer scientists.

All the islands are equipped with refuges to allow scientists to be deployed over a very large part of the sub-Antarctic islands. With each rotation of the Marion Dufresne, the Institute’s logistics teams are deployed to these different sites in order to supply them, repair them or prepare them for the arrival of scientific projects.

Discover the work of the Institute’s logistics and science teams in the field, a dive into a logistics system that has to cope with all the elements.

Logistics in the Subantarctic Islands