Amélioration de la précision des bilans de masse de surface de l’Antarctique – International Trans-Antarctic Scientific Expedition
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Amélioration de la précision des bilans de masse de surface de l'Antarctique - International Trans-Antarctic Scientific Expedition

The present IPEV ASUMA-ITASE project, aims to define the logistical needs and requests in the framework of the ANR-ASUMA project (funded for 2014-2018). In this ANR project, we proposed to assess the integrated SMB value over Antarctica, by filling the gap that exists in the coast to central plateau transition zone, where large variations of SMB are observed within small distances. For this task, we will a) collect firn cores which will be dated using radiochemistry analyses and accurately analyzed for water isotopes and chemistry studies b) Interpolate SMB data with ground penetrating radar and satellite data, c) perform original field measurements of SMB and snow physics and robustly link them to satellite data. The present IPEV ASUMA-ITASE project will define the needs for three field trips planned during successive austral summers. Two small scale field trips are planned in the first 50 km from the coast to study melting areas in 2015-16 and 2017-18, and a long distance traverse is proposed for the 2016-17 summer. The main demand will address the long distance traverse, for which the use of IPEV’s logistical supply for scientific expeditions acquired during the ANR-VANISH program (tractors and caravans) and by the EQUIPEX CLIMCOR program is required. The request also concerns the transport of snow and firn and ice samples collected in the field for their analysis in France and at Dome C.