Observations intégrées de l’Océan côtier en Terre Adélie.
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Observations intégrées de l'Océan côtier en Terre Adélie.

The motivation of the ICO²TAKs project is to gather spatial and long-term information on the composition of the marine biota in various sectors of the Southern Ocean through a multidisciplinary effort. The main aims will be to complete the ecoregionalisation of these areas (plankton and fish), to study the pelagic trophic food web and to determine which indicators should be monitored to assess changes in relation to environmental forcing. Three areas are proposed to be studied (1) The continental shelf of the Dumont d’Urville Sea in East Antarctica, an area investigated by our previous projects, (2) the coastal subantarctic zone of the Kerguelen islands and (3) the Scotia Sea – Peninsula region that will be studied each austral winter thanks to the invitation of the US-AMLR programme (Antarctic Marine Living Ressources) of NOAA. Summer surveys will alternate between the Dumont d’Urville Sea and the coastal Kerguelen area.