Participation de l’IAOOS à MOSAIC
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Participation de l'IAOOS à MOSAIC

Autonomous, integrated atmosphere-ice-ocean buoy systems (IT buoys) have been developed within the IAOOS program to provide year-round ocean-ice-atmosphere integrated observations over the Arctic Ocean. These systems allow an in-depth study of local processes. Satellite observations allow additional synoptic insight and are further needed to connect observational scales. In the frame of the next MOSAIC international campaign (SHEBA follow-on 20 years after), a unique scientific deployment will be performed based on the Polarstern drift from the Siberian sea to Svalbard in 2019 and 2020. We will participate to MOSAIC with IAOOS platforms and intend to integrate new instruments to study key local and regional processes (combining IAOOS with satellite observations) involving sea-ice-atmosphere-ocean interaction. The main focus of the present proposal is to support our participation, data transfer and archival, and the analysis of the extensive datasets within this international collaboration. The Year of Polar Prediction (YOPP) and EU projects such as APPLICATE, are important partners for connecting our results to large scale modelling applications.