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17 July 2017

SIOS : Call for pilot projects

SIOS-KC will open a call for proposals for pilot projects

Opening of Pilot Call: 3 August 2017

Proposal Deadline: 1 October 2017, 16:00 CET

Total funds available: 2 million NOK

SIOS seeks proposals of two types:

  1. SESS projects

This is an opportunity to be part of the team that develops the first State of the Environmental Science in Svalbard (SESS) report and sets the agenda for prioritisation within SIOS. By contributing to the first report, researchers have the chance to demonstrate the relevance of their research to the wider ESS community and propose future investments in research infrastructure and monitoring within SIOS. See for more details about the SESS report.

  1. Access projects

SIOS aims to optimise the use of existing research infrastructure (RI) and is therefore offering funded access to facilities owned by SIOS members across Svalbard.

Opening of call

The call will open on 3 August 2017 on the SIOS website (  Full details of the call, including eligibility criteria, guidelines for applicants and the application form will be available on this date.

Les labos français devront répondre sous couvert de l’IPEV pour être éligibles.
Contacter l’IPEV ( avant la soumission de projets.