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Applications for dissemination projects (media, arts…)

Due to the logistical uncertainties surrounding the organisation of the next polar field campaigns, the possibilities for dissemination projects may be modified during the year. Please do not hesitate to return to this page regularly. Please read the “Information to know” below before applying.

  • Departures are subject to weather conditions and the project may be cancelled up to the day before departure.
  • the trip and stay require a minimum of one month’s availability
  • status is required
  • in the case of the media, a broadcaster must be hired
  • an agreement is drawn up between the broadcaster or producer and the institutes
  • the Polar Institute does not cover the costs of the trip.
  • The average costs are :
    • Dumont d’Urville, Antarctica: around 30,000 euros/person from the port of Hobart in Tasmania.
    • Support for scientific projects in the Subantarctic Islands: 400 euros/day/person
    • Support for scientific projects in Ny Alesund: 360 euros/day/person

I- Sending by e-mail to a presentation document of the project (maximum of 2 pages) containing at least the following information:

  • Surname, first name, position, name of the scientific project followed (if existing), e-mail, telephone, status.
  • Previous productions or creation
  • Business Card
  • Topic of the report and synopsis: your project will be about local wildlife? are you planning to interview and/or involve people in the field? Do you want to work on current science projects? Etc…
  • Material needed
  • What is/are the medium(s) of dissemination? What would be the number of broadcasts?
  • What communication is planned?
  • Partners involved?
  • Cost coverage?

II- The deadline for receipt of projects is : .

  • 1st April each year for Antarctica
  • At least two months before the planned departure for the Ny Alesund station in Svalbard.
  • For the Subantarctic Islands, all requests go through the French Southern and Antarctic Lands, but prior contact with the French Polar Institute is necessary for requests to accompany scientific teams.

You will receive a reply within a maximum of one month. Please respect this waiting period before making a phone call or renewing your application.

Before sending your application, we advise you to find out more about the missions and places of work of the French Polar Institute and its partners


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Press release

Press releases published by IPEV are often common to other institutes or research organizations. (When the title is in French, the press release is only in French, if not, you will find the english version).

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